Mini Embroidery Design Sets Available

This category contains sets of our mini embroidery designs. When you buy them in a set of four you will get a discount over the retail rate. These embroideries are mini because they typically are less than 2 inches across and most often are about an inch and a half. SewChaCha® has one of the largest selections of mini designs on the internet. We are adding more from time to time. If you are just interested in purchasing one design please see our page that contains individual mini embroidery designs.

Mini embroidery designs have become very popular in the last year. Many sewers are buying multiple designs and combining them into cute creations. You can combine some of the Christmas mini embroidery designs around a Christmas wreath. Or mix and match some of the baby designs as different combination on a bib or burp cloth.

We have hundreds of these designs, probably the largest selection of mini designs on the internet. If you don’t see it here, feel free to check out our Etsy store by clicking here.

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