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Autumn Quick Stitch Frame Decoration

I love autumn decorations! Here is a simple idea to combine embroidery with your fall decorations.

Find a frame that you would like to use for your embroidery. (I found a framed saying from Hobby Lobby that was on clearance.) Remove the back so that you have just the board to mount a picture on. Stitch out the size of the design that fits best into the frame on fabric that will comfortably cover the board. Once the embroidery is finished and threads trimmed, stabilizer removed, I use Mod Podge on the board to secure the fabric. I did not Mod Podge on the top on this particular design but for a bit of a shine, use Mod Podge on top as well. When it is dry, replace the board in the frame. I hot glued decorations around the frame to add texture and interest. Make a whole collection!

pumpkin stand quick stitch machine embroidery design
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Christmas Advent Calendar

Here’s a project to get a head start on! There are so many memories tied to the advent calendar that we had when I was a child. It was a must have tradition for my own children. I love this calendar because it incorporates many mini embroidery designs. So many designs can be made festive by just using the right thread colors.

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Do Dah Dolls

Dolls to grow up with

Do Dah Dolls are now available on the website: and Amazon. We are excited for the matching board books to come in approximately 2 weeks.

Give the most loved gift at your next baby shower! These dolls have been designed with so much sensory and feel appeal such as crinkly ears, a soft tummy, and legs and arms with natural wood beads. We hope that you will love them as much as we do!

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Introducing Do Dah Dolls

Introducing Do Dah Dolls!

Over the last few years, I have created these dolls for my children and for babies of my friends. They are easy to hold and have a lot of sensory appeal. I have hand illustrated each book that goes along with the dolls. Please check out my kickstarter campaign for more information.