Stick Figures Family Machine Embroidery Designs – 4 sizes each


Stick Figures Family Machine Embroidery Designs


Stick Figures Family Machine Embroidery Designs

You will need to have an embroidery machine to be able to stitch this design. You will be able to access a zip file with the design once purchase and payment are complete.

Sizes and stitch counts are as follows:

1.10″x2.42″ (794 stitches)
1.55″x3.42″ (1103 stitches)
2.00″x4.42″ (1379 stitches)
2.45″x5.42″ (1685 stitches)

1.09″x2.38″ (921 stitches)
1.55″x3.39″ (1255 stitches)
2.00″x4.38″ (1593 stitches)
2.46″x5.38″ (1938 stitches)

.92″x2.00″ (947 stitches)
1.38″x3.00″ (1350 stitches)
1.84″x4.00″ (1745 stitches)
2.30″x5.00″ (2135 stitches)

.88″x2.00″ (675 stitches)
1.31″x3.00″ (975 stitches)
1.75″x4.00″ (1261 stitches)
2.19″x5.00″ (1566 stitches)

Baby Girl-
1.12″x1.48″ (458 stitches)
1.62″x2.14″ (616 stitches)
1.98″x2.62″ (727 stitches)
2.48″x3.28″ (886 stitches)

Baby Boy-
1.12″x1.31″ (414 stitches)
1.62″x1.89″ (541 stitches)
1.98″x2.31″ (661 stitches)
2.48″x2.89″ (814 stitches)

We offer DST EXP HUS JEF PES VIP VP3 and XXX. All formats and sizes are included in the zip file. Please note that we cannot support the integrity of the designs if you are converting or altering them with any software.

No shipping since our items are virtual digital products only. You will receive your download links via email within a short while after placing your order. It is important that you enter your correct email address as designs will automatically be sent to your email once the order has been placed.

Due the nature of this item(electronic download), we have a strict NO REFUND POLICY. We will work with you to the best of our abilities to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

These are machine embroidery and applique files, they are NOT patches that you sew on. The files come in zipped format and when you download the file you will need to unzip it on your computer. If you need help unzipping your files use a search engine and search for “how do I unzip a .zip file” Support is not offered on individual embroidery machines, software and computers and we do not take responsibility for projects gone wrong. We do not work on Sunday. Please be patient as responses to inquiries will not be answered until Monday. Thank you!


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